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Women in Medicine Group, UNSW

The Medical Womens Society of New South Wales has a keen interest in the next generation

WIM UNSW collaborated with University of Sydney Surgical Society, and RACS for the inaugural Women in Surgery Workshop, 2017.

of doctors, and supports grass roots groups in their efforts towards gender equity in the medical profession. We have been a proud supporter of the Women in Medicine Group at the University of New South Wales since 2016.

Women in Medicine UNSW aims to make female medical students feel valued and empowered, with the aim of achieving gender equity in the medical profession. This will be achieved through connecting medical students with inspirational women from a range of disciplines, and will advocate for issues specific to women in the medical workforce, including work life balance, harassment and sexual

Dr Nikki Stamp shares her insights into the medical profession

discrimination, maternity, and equality in employment opportunities. The group is welcoming to all, regardless of gender, in recognition of the united approach required to overcome these challenges. It is hoped that through engaging with medical students and practising clinicians, women in medicine can feel empowered to undertake positive actions towards their future careers.

To learn more about this motivated and dedicated group of students, please see their webpage

WIM works closely with the AMA NSW to provide medical students with networking opportunities and mentors in gender equity.