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June 2019 Careers Workshop


Pursuing professional goals in medicine is becoming an increasingly competitive process. To practically address this challenge the MWS of NSW holds a Career Development Workshop, and had one on one advice from expert facilitators including A/Prof. Deb Colville, Dr Sharon Miskell, Dr Lisa Potter, Dr Monique Atkinson, and Ms Anita Fletcher.

Our women who participated felt educated, “I never realised how simple changes to language in CVs and selection criteria can communicate a whole new level of meaning” , empoweredWho would have thought to look up the College values? I feel like I have a lot of experience that matches these and would fit well” and excitedI’m a bit more confident now in applying with a CV that reflects the true me at my best.”  We made a friends who are in similar positions and debriefed over excellent scones provided by the AMA, with some already arranging to meet up in a couple of months for more interview practice!

Women in medicine – here we come!