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MWS NSW Mentoring Program

We are inviting you to be part of a mentoring program designed to be fun, supportive and nurturing for women doctors.

Mentoring is the process whereby a more experienced, empathetic person (the mentor) guides another individual (the mentee) in the development and examination of their own ideas, learning, and personal and professional development. It should be an insightful process in which the mentor’s wisdom is acquired and modified as needed, as well as a process that is supportive and often protective.

The Medical Women’s Society of NSW offers a unique mentoring program available for women at all stages of their medical training, including medical students.

The Mentoring coordinator will match Mentees and Mentors, based on location or speciality interest, and introduce the two parties. The style relationship is up to the mentor and mentee to decide, and can involve face to face interactions as well as remote communications.

There is a follow up email by the mentor coordinator at 3 months and 6 months to check on the progress and to provide feedback. Please note that both parties are welcome to get in touch with our mentor coordinator earlier if needed.

To Apply

To express your interest for the Mentoring Program: MWS of NSW Mentoring