Junior Doctors and Medical Students Interested in Being an Effective Mentee and Mentor


It’s common knowledge that having a mentor will support you to achieve your personal and professional goals, but how can you come by one? It’s difficult for those of us in our junior stages of training to establish relationships given we are devoting our energies to adjust to the clinical environment and often rotating specialties and hospitals.

Have a look at this article written by Erika Strazdins and published in the New South Wales Medical Students Association publication in 2016 to learn how to identify and cultivate a satisfying mentoring relationship.

Fantastic mentors and where to find them


It’s never too early to start giving back. Perhaps you enjoy teaching, working with junior colleagues, or would like to pay it forward. Read this article for some practical and simple ways to become the best mentor you can and help others.

Makings of a Mentor

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