May 2019 – Doctor Wellbeing


A focus on the mental health of doctors

NSW MWS launched into 2019 with eye opening education facilitated by incredible guest speakers and honest discussions with like minded women that followed.

BEYOND THE STETHOSCOPE: Doctors’ stories of reclaiming hope, heart & healing in medicine
How do we cope when our yearning to do our best work, to bring the best parts of ourselves, our care, attention and skill to our patients – are compromised by overwork, complexity, responsibility and exhaustion?  How do we  sustain ourselves and reclaim joy in our work?
Lucy Mayes shared her findings from interviews with doctors on the front lines how they make meaning in their work, what quality medicine looks like to them, and what their hopes are for the future of medicine.
We discussed the challenges we have faced in the culture and systems of medicine and shared strategies and stories on how to overcome this – the power of humanism; compassion; listening; the therapeutic relationship; preventative care; the doctors’ own wellbeing journey; and mind-body plus other holistic understandings of health and healing.
If this stimulated your curiosity or you were unable to attend, we recommend her book: //

Sexual assault and mental health are rife with complexity – what happens when medical professionals themselves are the victims? Dr Louise Stone shared compelling findings from her research based at the ANU regarding how women doctors who have been sexually assaulted journey through their recovery and return to practice. She shared with us key recommendations that we can do to support our colleagues and structural and cultural changes our medical profession necessary.